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Are you Dating Fit? 5 tips

Here at EDBC we are all about getting you fit and ready to find who you are looking for . So what are the key components to being dating fit?

We have summed up our list below:


1. Presentation – Both online and in person it is critical to present as well as possible to attract the right partner. Your image should represent a great version of who you are, so make sure your profile and physical attire reflect this.


2. Attitude/Approach – We think having a positive open minded attitude towards meeting people is a key factor in finding the right person online or when you are out in public. There is no bigger turn off as a dater than negativity. If you are negative about the dating process in your profile or when dating, then you are indirectly insulting the person at the other end. To flip this around there is no bigger turn on the positivity so in summary we advise to be and stay positive.


3. Communication – Whether it be your first email or further into the dating process always remember to be considerate of the other person when responding or choosing whether to go on another date or not. People generally prefer and appreciate regular, polite and honest communication as to how things are progressing.


4. Planning – A little bit of planning can go a long way to being successful. Simple things like choosing an appropriate venue, getting the kids looked after, avoiding any potential calendar clashes, washing and cleaning out the car in advance, etc etc…. There can always be unexpected emergencies, but if these things happen most people will understand and forgive provided you follow step 3 above.


5. Learn – If things don’t work out, especially after many unsuccessful attempts, then revisit the first 4 steps and think about whether there is anything you can change that might make a difference in the future. One minor change could make a big difference to the end result.

Best of luck from the EDBC team.

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