Dating in the Mobile world – Good or Bad?

We are in the age of “instant gratification” with dating opportunities 24/7 via your mobile and a worldwide database to choose from. More options and quicker and easier communication, so it must all be good? Well let’s break it down and see.

Firstly finding a date is simply easier than ever before. Not a minute goes by without access to a device of some sort to initiate contact. So this step gets a big tick. Just make sure you find out as much as possible with the information available at your fingertips.

Secondly once contact is made you need to next communicate based on mutual interest. Again with so many fast and easy forms of communication available such as email, messaging, facetime, skype and many others, this step also gets a big tick. However skip this step and you may be stepping into very unknown territory.

Next comes the date itself. Just like the first two steps this step is made much easier by modern technology. It’s far easier to find any suitable mutually agreeable venue using great modern tools such as google , google maps and various other helpful venue sites like and and many others you can find just about anything you want. So technology definitely helps here. Just always make sure the venue is in a public place for your first date.

So that just leaves us with the date itself right? Easy yeah? Well maybe or maybe not depending how wisely you utilised the value of the previous steps, what image you portrayed on your mobile profile and what communication you have had. It might be old fashioned but I think there is still a lot to be said for factors such as chemistry, instinct, morals, protocol, manners, compatibility, style and grooming – in no particular order. Most of these collide and are summed up very quickly at the point of meeting and may not be so obvious at the other stages. Now if you have both sold a reasonably accurate version of yourselves and your intentions through your profile and if you nailed the first three steps then you have a better than ever chance of finding love. And hopefully even if there is no chemistry you at least get yourself out socially for an hour or two.

However if there are too many if’s and half truths then given that we are in this age of “instant gratification” things can go horribly wrong especially if you only have a picture from a mobile site and not much else to go on. Additionally while our research suggests it is easier than ever to find a date we have also become more of a commodity easily traded and our research also shows that while getting a date is easy our dating skills have declined at an alarming rate. Luckily we can help you there just go to our dating advice page.

So the real risk comes down to preparation, compatibility, dating skills and intentions. If these are out of alignment then chances are someone will feel cheated especially if there are pictures. And worst still this age brings with it instant exposure via social media so the fallout can be swift, savage and cruel.

So in summary we suggest you utilise all of the above steps, be honest about your intentions, work on your dating skills and enjoy the fast track highly mobile ride. Good luck.


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