Drinking On A First Date. Yes or No?

When going on a date where there is likely to be alcohol on the menu the inevitable question facing you is shall I or shall I not. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice:
In  favour of indulging:
Alcohol is a great ice breaker especially on a first date when nerves can play a part. Choosing your drink of choice creates conversation in itself. If there are exotic spirits on the menu then you can enjoy selecting something that gets you both in the mood.If you usually enjoy a drink socially this can be a great way to find out whether you are both compatible while enjoying a casual drink. Knowing you can have a drink while enjoying each others company throughout the date can be a great start.A small amount of alcohol can increase our mood and make us feel great which helps the tone of the date leading to laughter and fun being had by all.

Alcohol can be also an aphrodisiac so it can create a window for that first kiss.

The Downside

Overindulgence on the first date can create the impression that you cannot handle your alcohol and quickly destroy your prospects.

Too much alcohol combined with garlic laden food can also result in one of the biggest turn offs being bad breathe so be sure to go easy and carry mints as a precaution.

Alcohol can cloud your judgement. Consider this scenario: You have a lovely night out you think all went well, chemistry was amazing and love is imminent. Your tone following the first date is suggestive and the next date is set with much anticipation. Then the second date comes along and you choose to start sober and suddenly you notice a number of mismatches that you didn’t pick up on before. Chemistry is gone and all of a sudden awkward conversation follows and backpedalling is not your strong suit.

Mixing drinks especially those that you don’t normally have on a regular basis can end in disaster. We have all heard a story of a date going along famously until someone has one too many and there’s nausea. Game over.

Then there are the dreaded beer goggles. Too much alcohol consumed beforehand and during the night leads to waking up not knowing where you are or how you got there. The walk of shame ensues and lessons are learnt the hard way. You then pray no social media reminder follows.

Tell us in the comments, what is your opinion?

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