About us

The phenomena of newly single 30-40-somethings struggling to navigate today’s dating environment, particularly the nuances of online dating, is more prevalent than ever.  The opportunities to meet a new partner have dwindled to the professionally-perilous territory of work colleagues, the limited pool of other newly single friends of friends, trawling the singles at school drop-off or the optimistic quest to convert an eternal bachelor/bachelorette.

Busy professionals and single parents alike think nothing of outsourcing tasks such as cleaning, personal training, life coaching and food preparation to others with the expertise and time to do these on their behalf, yet they will try to manoeuvre through a now-unfamiliar dating world in an entirely trial and error fashion.  Putting a foot wrong in this environment costs time, money and potential heartbreak.

Having emerged successfully from this environment ourselves, we are determined to create a service to help smart, busy singles navigate a now-foreign dating environment to find that otherwise-elusive new life partner.

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