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FREE initial dating transformation consultation!!!

Yes, we give you a free first appraisal to establish how we can help you improve your dating techniques to get you from where you are to where you need to be, to attract and ultimately keep your ideal partner as quickly as possible.

So simply register with us using the contact form below and away we go! We will respond and organise an appointment for you.

Why do this? Well while getting a date is easier than ever with the abundance of  free dating sites and the huge sites like Tinder, RSVP, e-Harmony, converting a date into a relationship is now more difficult:

  • expectations are higher
  • It can be very time consuming to go through lots of unsuitable profiles
  • the sheer volume of online daters makes it more competitive than ever
  • online daters know more about what they want
  • its easy to dismiss someone on the first date and move on with ease

Unless you are an absolute natural, you need to ‘learn’ how to date in this new environment.

You could spend years and countless dollars navigating this environment on your own.  We’ve compressed all this learning into a simple bootcamp of advice, techniques and planning, with ongoing access to us to talk it through. Skype us discreetly from your lounge-room or your boardroom to get personalised advice.

We are a male and female team, designed to give you a well-rounded and unique perspective on dating.  You can choose who you are most comfortable taking advice from, or use us both to get a male-female viewpoint.

So if you are a busy person who doesn’t want to waste any more time then what are you waiting for click below and lets get you moving?

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And by the way we never share your contact details with anyone.  Ever.

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