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Our Story: Four real-life tips to convert a click to marriage



As picture-perfect proof that success in online dating can lead to marriage, we, the founders of edatingbootcamp.com were married on 28th February 2015.  Three years after the first click on RSVP.com.au, what began as a tentative online romance was celebrated in pure happiness and glorious style amongst our family and friends. The tips we’ve shared on edatingbootcamp.com are lessons learned from our own experience.  Here’s a few:

  • be bold and try online dating. Ask yourself – where else will you meet someone? At work? Through friends?
  • don’t ‘checklist’ your ideal partner out of existence, its not about a theoretically perfect person, but the person that is right for you.
  • don’t create unrealistic expectations for the first date. You aren’t deciding whether you will marry the person, just whether you’ll meet up again.
  • persist. Hone your ability to detect and dismiss those with the insincere intentions and open yourself to finding the right one.

Wishing you the success and joy that we have found.

Kylie and Scott


Are you Dating Fit? 5 tips

Here at EDBC we are all about getting you fit and ready to find who you are looking for . So what are the key components to being dating fit?

We have summed up our list below:


1. Presentation – Both online and in person it is critical to present as well as possible to attract the right partner. Your image should represent a great version of who you are, so make sure your profile and physical attire reflect this.


2. Attitude/Approach – We think having a positive open minded attitude towards meeting people is a key factor in finding the right person online or when you are out in public. There is no bigger turn off as a dater than negativity. If you are negative about the dating process in your profile or when dating, then you are indirectly insulting the person at the other end. To flip this around there is no bigger turn on the positivity so in summary we advise to be and stay positive.


3. Communication – Whether it be your first email or further into the dating process always remember to be considerate of the other person when responding or choosing whether to go on another date or not. People generally prefer and appreciate regular, polite and honest communication as to how things are progressing.


4. Planning – A little bit of planning can go a long way to being successful. Simple things like choosing an appropriate venue, getting the kids looked after, avoiding any potential calendar clashes, washing and cleaning out the car in advance, etc etc…. There can always be unexpected emergencies, but if these things happen most people will understand and forgive provided you follow step 3 above.


5. Learn – If things don’t work out, especially after many unsuccessful attempts, then revisit the first 4 steps and think about whether there is anything you can change that might make a difference in the future. One minor change could make a big difference to the end result.

Best of luck from the EDBC team.

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4 tips to beat your Dating Demons

Dating Demons and how you can overcome them.

Lets start with Stigma – Ever feared the stigma of family, friends or work colleagues seeing your single profile out there online? Here you are in a good job, independent, successful yet single? Well here’s the upside. Facts are over 50% of first marriages, 67% of second and 73% of third marriages fail, let alone break ups from those not married, so rest assured there are plenty of others in the same boat as this means that there are more singles than ever and the internet is definitely where it is at. So get out there and do it, be discreet if needed, but remember the longer you wait the longer it takes.
Next, worried you are out of touch or too old? Well don’t be! Guess what the fastest growing and most vibrant age group is? Yep the mature market! And better still the dating process can bring out your best, most creative and competitive side and inspire you to look and be your best.
Now maybe you are recovering from a break up and don’t feel up to it? So while it is recommended you go through an appropriate grieving period, especially if you were in a very long relationship, getting back out there is also a vital step in moving on and getting out and about and having new places to go and talk about are also equally important steps. So just see it as all part of the journey.
Lastly have you lost your confidence from being rejected or being single for too long? Then maybe it’s just the right time to have a re think give yourself a dating makeover and a fresh start. Why not start here with our free mini bootcamp, dating advice and profile help.

Alternatively, if you are too busy with work and other things you can pay us to manage the process for you, anything from a profile makeover all the way to helping you choose your date. Just send your details below and we will contact you immediately.

So shake those demons and have some fun!

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Evaluating a partner: three little things

This week, Australian TV host Samantha Armytage was sharing life and love lessons from her new book ‘Shine’  One nugget she relayed was handed down from her grandmother on assessing men.  ‘Watch a man and see how he handles three important things. That will tell you everything you need to know.’  So what were these three things?

A  Rainy Day

Reactions could range from disappointment at ruined plans, pacing the floor with cabin fever right through to happily snuggling up on the couch with a movie or suiting up in weatherproof gear to get out amongst it.

Tangled Christmas Lights

Like assembling flat-packed furniture or locating paperwork for your taxes, untangling Christmas lights would try anyone’s patience.  A lot can be said for being persistent and gradually working out all the kinks in the wires vs cursing the Grinch that stole your festive spirit. The more extravagant amongst us would toss them away and buy a new box.

Lost Luggage

That sinking feeling when the overhead PA calls out your name and asks you to head to baggage services. The frustration of knowing that you are in Sydney and your luggage is in Singapore. Do you take out your anger  on hapless airline staff? Head to the local shops to buy emergency supplies and give a mental vote of thanks to your travel insurance? Calmly unpack your spare set of everything from your hand luggage?


Grandma Armytage was right – you CAN tell a lot from the reaction to these simple things.

What would your 3 tests be?

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5 Topics To Avoid On A First Date

couple at bar

When going on a first date there are many things to consider. If all of your interaction so far has been online or email, one of these is topics of conversation.  While the following may be fine as fillers, if they become the main theme it may be an indication that you don’t have much in common. So here goes….

The Weather. You just arrived and it was raining, so both of you being a bit wet makes it perfectly fine to have a laugh about how you look and the conditions outside. However if after you settle down you find the conversation drifting back off to how bad the weather has been this week, month or year then you can probably assume your relationship is headed for similarly bland territory.

Politics. So you have just met, discussed the weather briefly and ordered a drink. What next? How about how poorly your political party is performing at the moment and why they may be headed for defeat at the upcoming election. I don’t think so. Warning signals should be ringing everywhere. Especially if you get radio silence in response. Try changing the subject to something superficial and if this doesn’t work then maybe say your uncle just had a hernia operation and get out of there quick.

The Ex. So you’ve warmed up with a cocktail. What next? How about discussing the stalker ex after which it has taken you six years of therapy and all your courage to summon the effort to trust another human being enough to go on another date. Well maybe it is an interesting story for a thriller novel and may fill hours of the night – but not a first date . A brief mention with no detail is suffice, otherwise prepare for the sequel, or worse still, the live performance in the near future.

Religion. All is well and you have stuck around long enough to order a bite to eat. What next? How about I noticed from your profile that you have a religious inclination (too dangerous to name any one). Now maybe this person went to a religious school twenty years ago or clicked the wrong button or maybe they are really religious but either way I wouldn’t go there. Much better keeping it light-hearted and seeing if you connect emotionally over time. You can generally have two ministers at your wedding if you get that far or maybe even two weddings.

The Kid/Kids. You’ve skated through the tricky stuff and made it through entrée. What next? Maybe the kids? There is nothing wrong with mention of names or as part of a story but most people would have roughly figured this from your profile if you declared them in the appropriate spot and not as other hobbies/interests. However chances are if you have eight kids and your date has six, the need to be compatible emotionally without them is even more important than if you have none – trust me,  you will have to make the most of any spare second you get together. Best find this out now.

What did we miss?  Any turbulent topics that you’d like to add?


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Drinking On A First Date. Yes or No?

When going on a date where there is likely to be alcohol on the menu the inevitable question facing you is shall I or shall I not. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice:
In  favour of indulging:
Alcohol is a great ice breaker especially on a first date when nerves can play a part. Choosing your drink of choice creates conversation in itself. If there are exotic spirits on the menu then you can enjoy selecting something that gets you both in the mood.If you usually enjoy a drink socially this can be a great way to find out whether you are both compatible while enjoying a casual drink. Knowing you can have a drink while enjoying each others company throughout the date can be a great start.A small amount of alcohol can increase our mood and make us feel great which helps the tone of the date leading to laughter and fun being had by all.

Alcohol can be also an aphrodisiac so it can create a window for that first kiss.

The Downside

Overindulgence on the first date can create the impression that you cannot handle your alcohol and quickly destroy your prospects.

Too much alcohol combined with garlic laden food can also result in one of the biggest turn offs being bad breathe so be sure to go easy and carry mints as a precaution.

Alcohol can cloud your judgement. Consider this scenario: You have a lovely night out you think all went well, chemistry was amazing and love is imminent. Your tone following the first date is suggestive and the next date is set with much anticipation. Then the second date comes along and you choose to start sober and suddenly you notice a number of mismatches that you didn’t pick up on before. Chemistry is gone and all of a sudden awkward conversation follows and backpedalling is not your strong suit.

Mixing drinks especially those that you don’t normally have on a regular basis can end in disaster. We have all heard a story of a date going along famously until someone has one too many and there’s nausea. Game over.

Then there are the dreaded beer goggles. Too much alcohol consumed beforehand and during the night leads to waking up not knowing where you are or how you got there. The walk of shame ensues and lessons are learnt the hard way. You then pray no social media reminder follows.

Tell us in the comments, what is your opinion?

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The Surprising New Statistic on First Dates



Match.com publish fascinating insights every year via their Singles in America Survey results.

This year’s most interesting findng?

An astonishing 51% of singles imagine a future together on the first date.  That’s a fair expectation for the first time you set eyes on one another!

The online dating phenomenon means that we now know a lot more about our date before first meeting up so perhaps the benefit of this background knowledge means we’ve started visualising a future even before meeting and this then carries over into the first date.

Singles in America


Dating Tip of the Day – It’s The Simple Stuff


Its the simple stuff that matters in preparing for a date.  Never underestimate the power of always smelling good!  Your favourite perfume or aftershave will give you a reassuring boost as well as being pleasant for your date.  Take care of basic grooming and dental hygiene – its not that hard and will always stand you in good stead.

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