Dating Tip of the Day – Be Authentic


Whether you are crafting your online dating profile, or representing yourself on a first date, let go of what you think someone else wants you to be and put the real ‘you’ on display.

Skip the articles about what men and women are looking for in a partner and avoid  the throwaway adjectives like ‘honest’, ‘down-to-earth’, ‘fun-loving’, ‘carefree’.  What makes you a great catch?  What activities do you enjoy?  Why do you enjoy them? Identify what makes you passionate about parts of your life and convey that about yourself.

You will naturally come across more relaxed and comfortable with yourself if you speak with a genuine passion about what means the most to you in your in your life.  It’s engaging, it’s authentic and if it strikes a chord with your date then you have solid basis for a conversation that may lead onto something more enduring.

Want tips on how to be more authentic in your online dating profile? Get help here!

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