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Evaluating a partner: three little things

This week, Australian TV host Samantha Armytage was sharing life and love lessons from her new book ‘Shine’  One nugget she relayed was handed down from her grandmother on assessing men.  ‘Watch a man and see how he handles three important things. That will tell you everything you need to know.’  So what were these three things?

A  Rainy Day

Reactions could range from disappointment at ruined plans, pacing the floor with cabin fever right through to happily snuggling up on the couch with a movie or suiting up in weatherproof gear to get out amongst it.

Tangled Christmas Lights

Like assembling flat-packed furniture or locating paperwork for your taxes, untangling Christmas lights would try anyone’s patience.  A lot can be said for being persistent and gradually working out all the kinks in the wires vs cursing the Grinch that stole your festive spirit. The more extravagant amongst us would toss them away and buy a new box.

Lost Luggage

That sinking feeling when the overhead PA calls out your name and asks you to head to baggage services. The frustration of knowing that you are in Sydney and your luggage is in Singapore. Do you take out your anger  on hapless airline staff? Head to the local shops to buy emergency supplies and give a mental vote of thanks to your travel insurance? Calmly unpack your spare set of everything from your hand luggage?


Grandma Armytage was right – you CAN tell a lot from the reaction to these simple things.

What would your 3 tests be?

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Dating Tip of the Day – Update Your Online Dating Profile


If your online dating profile has been out there for a while, make a note to review and update it.  If its been a while since your last update, you may have had a career change, have some travel insights to share or found some new interests that may be common with other online daters.

Changing your headline will refresh your profile and may even cause a reader who passed over it previously to stop and take a look.

A side benefit?  Some online datiing websites will move your profile up in their rankings after an update.

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Dating Tip of the Day – Be Authentic


Whether you are crafting your online dating profile, or representing yourself on a first date, let go of what you think someone else wants you to be and put the real ‘you’ on display.

Skip the articles about what men and women are looking for in a partner and avoid  the throwaway adjectives like ‘honest’, ‘down-to-earth’, ‘fun-loving’, ‘carefree’.  What makes you a great catch?  What activities do you enjoy?  Why do you enjoy them? Identify what makes you passionate about parts of your life and convey that about yourself.

You will naturally come across more relaxed and comfortable with yourself if you speak with a genuine passion about what means the most to you in your in your life.  It’s engaging, it’s authentic and if it strikes a chord with your date then you have solid basis for a conversation that may lead onto something more enduring.

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Dating Tip of the Day – Question your Dating Dealbreakers.


Take a good close look at the ‘dealbreakers’ you are applying in your search for a partner.  Are they really dealbreakers or can you compromise?  Do or don’t want kids?  Likely a dealbreaker or at least a tricky point to negotiate.  Only accepting a guy who is over 5″10′,  especially if you are only 5″2′ yourself, might mean you are missing out on the perfect guy who just happens to be 5″8′.

This is not about ‘settling’, its about being really clear about what is important.

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