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4 tips to beat your Dating Demons

Dating Demons and how you can overcome them.

Lets start with Stigma – Ever feared the stigma of family, friends or work colleagues seeing your single profile out there online? Here you are in a good job, independent, successful yet single? Well here’s the upside. Facts are over 50% of first marriages, 67% of second and 73% of third marriages fail, let alone break ups from those not married, so rest assured there are plenty of others in the same boat as this means that there are more singles than ever and the internet is definitely where it is at. So get out there and do it, be discreet if needed, but remember the longer you wait the longer it takes.
Next, worried you are out of touch or too old? Well don’t be! Guess what the fastest growing and most vibrant age group is? Yep the mature market! And better still the dating process can bring out your best, most creative and competitive side and inspire you to look and be your best.
Now maybe you are recovering from a break up and don’t feel up to it? So while it is recommended you go through an appropriate grieving period, especially if you were in a very long relationship, getting back out there is also a vital step in moving on and getting out and about and having new places to go and talk about are also equally important steps. So just see it as all part of the journey.
Lastly have you lost your confidence from being rejected or being single for too long? Then maybe it’s just the right time to have a re think give yourself a dating makeover and a fresh start. Why not start here with our free mini bootcamp, dating advice and profile help.

Alternatively, if you are too busy with work and other things you can pay us to manage the process for you, anything from a profile makeover all the way to helping you choose your date. Just send your details below and we will contact you immediately.

So shake those demons and have some fun!

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You Have Just 12 Minutes to Impress Your Date!


Research just released by AXA shows that you have just 12 minutes to impress on a date.

What is the most important factor?  Your smile according to 64% of the respondents, closely followed by whether you make eye contact (58%).

From this survey of 2,000 people about first dates, here are top 5 ‘don’ts’ for first dates:

  1. Body Odour
  2. Bad Breath
  3. Swearing
  4. Scruffy Clothes
  5. Not Smiling

First impressions count, and you have about 12 minutes to create a good one!  Pay some attention to smiling, eye contact, tone of voice, hygiene and grooming and you’ll have all the key factors under control.